In 1994, we laid the foundations of our companies with engineering sector and in subsequent years, our companies have continued to invest in the agriculture and livestock sectors. In 2013, the companies were grouped under the name Feradis Group of Companies. The aims of the Feradis Group of Companies are to ensure the continuity of increasing the success of the companies in the sectors which we invest, to keep pace with new technologies in the work of these organizations, to increase the profitability in line with the mission and vision which we have, to increase the ability of job creations for people who live in our country. Feradis Group of Companies operates in the sectors of engineering, contracting, manufacturing, agriculture, livestock, construction and tourism.


To be an eco-friendly and responsive group of companies for the community which is customer satisfaction and sustainability-oriented and records growth in a profitable way without compromising quality by maintaining the continuity.


To transform the Feradis Group of Companies to a reputable company group which is known with the quality and the honesty in Turkey and abroad, gives an importance to human life and human values.


Electrical Engineering Project and Consulting Services according to the international standards

HB TEKNIK was established to operate in the field of an electrical engineering project and consulting services in 1994. HB TEKNIK uses engineering programs which are parallel line with the international standards and today’s technological developments with the qualified personnel which is suitable for innovation, teamwork and has an ability to think analytically and has a systematic approach.. HB TEKNIK has become one of the leading companies in the field of an electrical engineering project and consulting services by using the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System effectively.



TESAMEL was established in 1995 to provide electrical engineering contracting and project services. TESAMEL has undertaken many significant projects and has successfully completed them to date. In 2003, our company was restructured and institutionalized by taking the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System Certificate to continue the systematic and controlled growth.



5 CAN was established in 2001 to manufacture electrical panels in accordance with international standards and 5 CAN has completed many important projects successfully.


Heavens, Gardens   

Feradis was established in the year 2007 in order to operate in the field of modern fruit production. Feradis has made the philosophy of “always be better than yesterday” a rule with an understanding of contemporary business management and entrepreneurship by using technology in the agricultural sector, and produces healthy fruits.



Feret was established in 2012 to transfer the experience which is gained with the brand Feradis in the agricultural sector in order to operate in the field of livestock. FERET offers organic delicacies to its customers which are produced in its modern facilities in Karamursel at 600 meters altitude. Feret supplies lamb to restaurants in the region and retail sector.

ARKFERADİS Construction and Tourism Ltd. Co.

Feradis Construction and Tourism Co. has been operating by constructing; office, residential, health and tourism projects under the roof of Feradis Group of Companies.

In 2019, Feradis Construction and Tourism Co. has signed a Partnership Agreement with Bemag Swiss AG and ProghettoNove and continues its operations under the name of ARKFERADIS

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